Flaming Unicycle .... really

This is Charles from the Memphis Unicycle Club just before the heat got to be too much and he bailed out. He also juggles fire balls and fire clubs.

The picture was taken about a year ago.

Charles is a professional. Kids, don’t try this at home.


Ive seen something like that before only it was during a game of flaming uni hockey:)

too late…haha

its a good way to get rid of the hair on your legs if you dont want it!

it really didnt work, i got about 2 revs and then hopped off because it started burning me

gah, once again i wish i had a scanner. i think its about time for me to invest in a scanner. i wish i could show you all the pics.

oh, a question…what qualifies him as a professional?

i juggle fire clubs and perform with fire poi. am i professional?:stuck_out_tongue:
haha, but seriously. i am curious.

er, uh, professional?? That’s just what they always say on TV. :roll_eyes: Actually, Charles is a welder/metal worker. He builds custom ornamental metalwork.

Still, don’t try that at home.

that looks awesome and fun

It’s a good way to get severely burned and scarred for life. :frowning:

if you get paid for what you are doing, you are a professional.

it means don’t try this dangerous trick…uinless someone is flapping a billfold in front of you

Jacinto’s Fire Wheel at the 2003 NAUCC in Minnesota


How are you supposed to not burn yourself?
That seems pretty stupid to try in shorts :astonished: (in the first pic)

how does the tire not explode into a bazillion pieces ???

not to get all the kids in the forums to start playing with fire, but some flammible liquids such as lighter fluid and naptha burn at a cooler temperature.

this means that you can have flames going and not burning you. for a pretty brief period.

for example, (do not try this!) you could light lighter fluid in your hand and extinguish it before it really even hurts, and certainly before any disfigurement…if you extinguish it fully!!!

Hey Brian…Got a Billfold you want to bring to Niagra?? lol

i have a bill fold and some lighter fluid.

i could include surgeons picking skin off your face with tweezers in the next movie!

YAY!!! Ok lets do it.!:smiley:

I’m pretty sure this is an over exposed shot of Jacinto on another try.

This may be the time he had on the red sweat suit. I was afraid his clothes were going to catch too.

Be sure you’ve got your flame-proof jammies on if you try Flaming Unicycle.

Acctually i had kinda hoped on dousing my clothes in Zippo fluid before trying:D HAHAHA

i wore shorts when i did it, i was scared of pants catching on fire.

im thinking of trying it again with some flame retardant cream on my legs.
also i think the way i will do it is to make some custom circle wicks that i can clamp on to my spokes. im thinking of making something like a poi that can clamp onto my spokes.

That would be pretty sweet^

I would really like to juggle fire…