Flaming flying chickens caught on one wheel

I just caught “Real TV” with a segment from
Thailand. It showed a restaurant with unicycling waiters.

They also showed how they served up the chicken dishes. They put a chicken on a sling shot type launcher, light it on fire, and shoot it in the air. The waiters were idling on unicycles holding a spike waiting for the chicken to come back down so they could catch them on the spike. They would catch the chickens and flip them back into the air and catch them on a plate so they could ride over to the tables to serve them.

They had a bunch of guys in clown suits riding unicycles as well catching 2 or 3 chickens before serving them up. They held a spike in each hand plus one in their mouths.

Kinda cool except for the clown suits.

I just saw it tonight, 3-20-04. I don’t know if it is a new show or a repeat.


There was some prior discussion in this thread

Grey… Thanks for the link.

It’s the same place !

Much cooler when you see it than when you read about it.