Flames on chrome frames


Here are some pictures of the flame decals for your unicycle shown on chrome frames.

Look under frames and stuff 4

Attention UK unicyclists !!
Roger at unicycle.com in the UK has a large stock of flames in all 5 colours and both sizes.
7" and 10".
Please order from him if you are in Europe from now on. Thanks.

Down under ? !!
You will be able to order the flames from Tony at unicycle.com in New Zeland soon.

Bedford Unicycles flamed shirts, hats and toques can be seen there as well. Lots in stock ready to wear !


Bedford Unicycles


Something to break up the monotomy of the chrome colour for those of us too lazy to paint them :slight_smile:

Cheers Darren

Darren they do look good.
orange or yellow will be my pick when im down next.
Also wondering how much a frame to fit the gazz would be ?

Just a suggestion… how about some multi coloured flames, like graduating from red, going up to orange and yellow at the top, maybe with a green or blue fleck here and there. You could even take a photo of real flames and use that for printing the colour. I think they look good, but monochromatic might not be the best looking option. Nice work Darren!

How come no green?

how about the states?

Are they gonna be available through anyone in the states or are we just gonna have to pay the insane shipping for overseas? Nice flames. Later.


do they come in pairs (one for each side of the fork)?

I’ve got an orange pair and a red pair - gifts from a uni-pal.

They’re awesome!

My only dilema is which uni to put them on: chrome Monty trials - that bad gurl uni - or orange and black Bedford MUni or the lovely and sweet yellow Gazelle/29’er?

Humm, well with three weeks to go with my right leg in its cast, I’ll have lots of time to think about it before I’m actually out riding again.:smiley:


Are they just peel and stick, or the kind you dissolve in water first?

How much are the shirts and caps?

Here are the answers to your questions:


Frames are 60.00… yellow are 105.00 ! :wink:


I can get green. I will have a few other colours with my next order.


I am in Canada ! The flames with shipping to the US is 4.00 US

John at unicycle.com is welcome to stock them in the US if he wants to.
I was going to talk to him at the NAUCC but never did get around to it. Always to busy or already doing something else. The lst time I saw him was on the highway leaving Minnisota.


They come in pairs. One for each side.


The flames are peel and stick. They have a top layer that holds the flame in place while you remove the backing and position it. Then just apply by rubbing it on. Remove the top layer when applied.

The shirts, hats and toques are 15.00 Canadian or 15.00 US shipped to your door.

The shirts are Orange with Black ink
or Black with white ink.
The front has the Bedford Unicycles Oval with flames to the side.
The back has the Bedford Unicycles Oval with flames to the top.
Shirt sizes are:
Youth S, M, L
Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL

The hats are black with either a white oval or a orange oval

The toques are black with a white oval

Lots in stock ready to send to you.

Flame sticker info:

5 colours:
Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Black
2 sizes:
7" for 20" and 24" frames
10" for 26" and 28" frames

Price is 4.00 Canadian or 3.00 US per pair
Shipping is 1.00 per order. (not per set)

Any other questions, please let me know.

Thanks for checking them out and inquiring.


Bedford Unicycles