Flames and Fire

Well, the price was right for this Fireball that Kris had for sale at his recent uni yard sale so I thought I’d give it a try on my MUni. Here’s a few pre-ride pix:

… a little more detail:

…and a shot of the tire up close:

Very Retro!! Two thumbs up for appearance…good luck on the trail though :wink:


Darren put flames on Ben’s and Brad’s unicycles at NAUCC 2003. The flames are still intact and get a comment or two from time to time.

Nice looking unit. By the way,if you ever have need of tires for a wheelchair, the Fireballs make for a great ride, right Max?


Hopefully not, but good to know Yoopers! :smiley:

I’d like to see a pic of that! It would look even cooler with the Orange powder coated rim and hub like Erin’s.

I was just trying to come up with a picture of Max in his Fireball wheelchair but all the galleries seem to have disappeared. Someone out there has to have a good picture somewhere. It was quite a sight.


Play with the tire pressure with the Fireball to find the ideal pressure range. The Fireball is very picky about pressure. Too low and it won’t turn or will track very poorly on off camber surfaces (driveway cutouts, crowned roads, etc.). Too much pressure and it won’t have any bounce if you want to do any jumping. There is a very narrow range where the pressure is just right.

Nice! What a cool wheel!

I am so envias you better bring it out on the next group ride. It is such a nice uni it gets the spiderman

dancing spiderman.gif

Oh I feel so honoured…the Spiderman, that is seriously cool!

thanks dude. :smiley:

is that suppose do be a spin off napolian dynamite? :smiley:

fireballs are cool tyres, i just sold one :smiley:

anyway, dont let the tyre fool you into not getting a 28 going.

The spiderman was created before napoleon dynamite came out so no it was not:D

Good point Jagur. I just sent off an e-mail to Darren to line up a wheelset for my lightweight 29’er.

I finally found the picture of Max with his Fireball wheelchair. It was an incredibly smooth ride.

max fireball wheelchair.jpg

That’s one pimp wheel chair. Now all it needs is a super long springer front end and a sissy bar. :smiley:

Powder coated frame would be nice too.