Flame decals for unicycle frames


Below is a link to some photos of the new Flame decals for unicycle frames from Bedford Unicycles

They come in 5 colours:
Red, Blue, Black, Yellow & Orange

They come in 2 sizes:
Short - for 20" and 24" frames
Long - for 26" and 28" frames

Price is only 3.00 US per pair !
4.00 Canadian per pair.
Same price for short or long.

They look awesome with the powder coated frames also available from Bedford Unicycles

T-shirts, Hats & Toques now available as well !!!

They will be available at NAUCC.
To order if not attending NAUCC, send a e-mail to:
info @ bedfordunicycles.ca

I will be donating the yellow trials frame and a few others as raffle prizes at NAUCC.

Flamed frame photos…


Bedford Unicycles
The coolest unicycle shop on the planet !

Ok, who’s going to be the first to buy those for theirs Fireball urban assault vehicle?


Those are some HOT decals Darren, ace! Keep on thinking of great stuff like that, uni is leaving it’s mark on this world. Who ever said unicycling wasn’t cool?!..oh yeah, now I remember, that high school kid that tried to run me over when I was 11…if he could see us now!

The flames are awsome. Do you have any pics of them on a chrome uni?
The shirts are cool too. What are they going for Darren?

Which colour decal would you recommend for a chrome coloured uni? I’m thinking black, but don’t know what they look like in real life.

Do the $3/4 cover shipping?

Also, do you have a Paypal account, Darren?

Darren, the shirts and decals are looking awesome!!
Do they make you go any faster though? A visit to the shop is
indeed a must ASAP


Thanks ! I have a bunch of stuff for you. Can’t wait to see you next week.


I don’t have any pictures of the Flamed chrome frames yet. I will post them soon.

The shirts have two new Flamed logos. I will have confirmed pricing in the next few days. I think they will be 15.00 Canadian / 11.00 US
The new logos are cool.

I will have 10" stickers of the two new logos too!


Wait until I get the photo posted with chrome frames to choose a colour.

Add 1.00 for shipping of total order of flamed stickers.


Yes, they make you go at least 13kms faster… and melt the pavement with the burnout.
Let me know when you are coming by the shop.

Don’t forget your hottie :wink:
Has she been hanging out or trying the uni
lately ?

I will post the T-Shirt and new logo sticker photos soon !!!

Ride on…


Those flames are WICKED!

Will they be available in the UK at all?



I ship worldwide. Those Flames will fit in an envelope so it is just regular mail.

Let me know the colours and size you want and I can mail them out.
info @ bedfordunicycles.ca

Roger may want to stock them in the UK.
If he does he can send me a e-mail.


Re: Flame decals for unicycle frames


You make the coolest new stuff around, those stickers are awesome.


Alright!!! Someone tell me wher(e) i can buy this stuff!

Really cool decals and stickers can also be found at most motocross motor cycle shops. King Muni-Man is fond of the “No Fear” product line.



Flame stickers

How do we order? The website is saying it’s under construction, but these are sick and I need a pair asap!

You could try phoning Darren 1-416-729-9696, or e-mailing him: info@bedfordunicycles.ca.

I am not sure his website will ever get finished. If you ever find yourself in Toronto his shop is worth a visit though.

Check out these, and available.