FL - small but beautiful!

FL = Principality of Liechtenstein, thats where i’m from, there are only 30’000 habitants…but thre are lots of muni and trial spots, look at the mountains with the first snow:

…i know my english is really bad… :o

Wow, it looks very beautiful there. Are you riding at a skatepark?

I’ve never heard of the country of Liechtenstein before. Come to find out it is one of two countries in the whole world that is surrounded by landlocked countries, the other is Uzbekistan. I also found out that it is known as a center for international money laundering!

…tsts money laundering…that’s really a problem, unfortunately i don’t work in bank or something like that, so i don’t participat the richness…

…and yes that is one of our skate parks, fl has 11 villages and the most of them own a skatepark (samll ones)…