Fixing Squeaky Brakes. Salmon Pads?

HERE(scroll down a bit) are some brake pads that everyone claim to solve squeaky brake problem. I have read alot things about brake concave and angle placement and pads wearing in and wearing out. I personnaly hate the squeaky brake sound, and want to make sure I never hear it from my unicycle. Some car shows even reccomend a spray-on material that sets up and stops all squeaking completely, however those are for cars with disk brakes.

Does anyone know if the Kool-Stop Salmon Pads, actually work, or is it all a matter of pressure and angles? Is there any way to insure non-squeaky brakes? Has anyone tried the spray-on car stuff?

I’ve had kool stops on my mountain bikes, and I’ve never heard them squeak.

Koolstops are good. Just make sure that they are toed in properly. Wipe of your rim with a rag and rubbing alcohol helps as well. If you notice a glaze on your pads braking surface scuff them up with a bit of sandpaper.
Good luck,

properly aligned brake pads won’t squeal unless they’re new. or your rim is really dirty. at least, they won’t in most cases.

It seems like everyones brakes do squeak though, maybe they become jostled while riding. So proper alignment shouldn’t have to be a major factor.