Fixing rust on a frame

I rode my coker through a pretty harsh New England winter this year, and now I have some superficial rust on the frame and spokes near the rim. For the frame, I was going to sand, prime, and paint it with automotive paint, but I don’t know how to get the rust off and keep it off the spokes.

Any thoughts on either of these?

You can buy rust remover and it’ll remove the rust. I’ve heard of paints that when aplied remove rust and leave an undercoat ready for painting.

the most long lasting way will be to replace the spokes with UDC stainless steel spokes, problem solved for ever. Cleaning and laquering the spokes will work for a while, but their natural movement on each other as you ride will wear the laquer away at crossing points and rust will form again. The same goes for paint, although whatever KH uses seems to hold up well.

For the frame, if it’s chrome you will either need to remove all the chrome or apply a special non-ferous metal primer, automotive paint is designed for steel and will not adhere well to chrome.

i have heard that u can pour some coke on the rust and the rust will disappear :slight_smile:

i dont think so ive only heard of that for removing the corrosion on that builds up on a battery

i would get stainless or just prime it then paint it right.

another option is to clean and DRY it after every ride