fixing my viscount saddle

The stupid bumper guards fell off my viscount seat within the first two days of learning how to ride. The screws fell out. I ducktaped them back on but the duck tape isn’t holding up very well (I still fall a lot). Any ideas how to get those rails back on there to stay?

I saw some replacement screws on The description says they’re longer and fatter than the originals. Too bad they didn’t use the right size to begin with. Anyone try these? Do they work better than the originals?


Just screw some larger ones on then were there you dont need the replacement ones. If you have some around the house you could probably use them if they screw in tight. If you dont have any you can get some at a hardware store just buy some a little longer or fatter then the ones that came with it.

The replacement screws that sells are #8 x 1/2" pan head sheet metal screws. Go to a hardware store and get some replacement sheet metal screws. The #8 screws are slightly larger than the stock screws on the Viscount and will hold better.

I don’t know why Viscount still uses screws that are too small to hold the bumpers on. You’d think they’d catch a clue. Oh well. The fix is easy and cheap. Besides, you’re not a real unicyclist until you have modified your seat in some way.

The absolute fool proof way to fix a Viscount saddles is to purchase a KH saddle and forget you ever had a Viscount.

HA, screw Kh saddles they suck , there so weak and pathetic , ive goe threw 4 now i use the viscount , either purchase a reeder handle or ductape is always good:D

i chose duct tape what will u do :thinking:


Cool! I was a unicyclist the first day of riding when I put a washcloth on the seat with some rubberbands to stop the pain of riding(well trying to) for four hours in the cold…

Anyways… Miyata screws suck too, they come loose, so you have to stick the saddle in the freezer or cut the screw off… I also used some better screws, and lockwashers(along with a stiffiner plate) to help the screws bite. So dont feel bad…

Here is my viscount - kh - air fix!!!

It is a gif animation so please be patient! I think it woths!!


That’s pretty cool, but I don’t really like the animated gif format. Is there anyway you could post the steps as individual pictures? This is also something that AC might want on

Yes! you can find the individual gif files here:

viscount - kh - air saddle

You can suf my web:

Apart from some spelling mistakes, that was a very awesome instructional video, and I really want to try that now…

/runs off to go buy some parts…

That…is…awesome. I think I’ll try that sometime, because it seems like a relatively cheap project.

I love modifying seats.

Here’s a recent thread on what I just did to a KH saddle if you want to look:

Check it out

No pics??:frowning: :frowning:

they were there pretty good ones to. For some reason they dont seem to want to display.

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