Fixing a cracked carbon fiber seat base?

Does anybody know how?


more carbon strips and some resin.

How’d you crack it?

What kind of resin? Where would i purchase such items?

Bad landing on a doubleflip off a drop. Pushed down on the seat.

Damn that sucks, how high?
I keep on sort of bending my seat, but it goes back to normal. Oh well, it will be worth it when I can treflip. I’ve been putting them off for a while.

I have no idea where to find them, i just know they exist. It might be easier just to buy a new one tho.

AFAIK you need to bake carbon fibers in an oven. That makes it impractical for DIY. Glass fiber is easy to use in a garage environment in comparison.

Didn’t somebody enforce his CF base with a metal plate (as a precaution). I think I remember reading that in some other thread. That’s too late now but for your next seat.

UWs and BCs don’t have this problem…

I have done a lot of work with fiberglass

But I have never tried carbon. I believe it is not all that difficult, possible to do at home. Here is a web site that has a lot of info, and can sell you carbon cloths and resins.
If it is like fiberglassing, it is as simple as sanding, soaking the right cloth with the right resins, and having it in the right shape when it hardens. Good luck ! We all want to see your new carbon frame !
Sorry, forgot the link

I’ve done a lot of fiberglass repair, mainly on my surf kayak, but the principles are the same.

My mentor, a canoe and kayak builder, recommended using vinyl ester resin for repair work because it has a low shrinkage coefficient; it won’t stress the area surrounding the repair. The areas of broken fiber need to be removed and several thin layers of cloth are applied, each layer should be larger than the last to spread the stress and retain some level of flexibility. Glass cloth is the easiest to work with as carbon fiber and Kevlar are really difficult to cut.

Nearly any Marine supply store should have everything you need like resin catalyst and cloth. In the U.S. West Marine is a good source, as are TAP Plastic stores. Read all instructions and be careful with the the dust from the fibers and the fumes from the resin, wear gloves and do it outside. It should be quites easy to fix the base, think of it as doing papier mache’ with resin and fiber.


Auto Parts store should have it. The fiber/fibre looks like a cloth weave. Sometimes you can get those there also. Not sure what brands they have in Australia, but the Bondo brand is famous here in the US. It comes in a kit with a hardener.

evan fixed his cf base, Im not sure how though.

He sanded it down, snorted the powder, then spit on the affected area, voila!

You might be better off buying a new one. After all the materials, you also need a sander (I suggest a random orbital), sandpaper, wet sanding, face mask, bondo kit, hacksaw and/or hacksaw blade. If you snapped it the first time, no matter the repairs, it will never be as strong as the original. I know that isn’t cheap for a minor to be able to afford a new one.

You can however reinforce it with one layer on top and a second layer on the bottom when you get your new one. Logic being is that if you snapped the base the first time, you will most likely snap it again with your aggressive style of riding.

But if YOU MUST SALVAGE your current seat. I suggest you sandwich the two pieces of fiber over the cracked area. One on top, other on the bottom. Cut out the cracked area. Dremmel tool or hacksaw works here. Sand down the edges of the about an inch away from the edge until it reaches the fiber where you are going to apply the fix. Apply fiber and goo. Let it harden, then sand until its flat.

I used to do this on Corvettes and Manx’s over 20 years ago for summer jobs. I don’t think much has changed since then.

Bondo is an auto body filler. it dries as hard as cement, i doubt he would want something like that on his seat

They don’t just make filler anymore, although that is what they are best known for.

Yeah, you need an oven. I met a guy who mad some cf go-cakt fairings w/ a metal box and a heat lamp. I think I heard it was possible to make cf w/o heating it, it would end up stronger than fiberglass, but not nearly as strong or light as cf.

Muzzle cracked his and I think he made an aluminum stiffener plate for it. When he could afford a new cf base he said he was going to put his plate on that for a super strong base.

The oven is for high tech CF. Its is usually used with high-tech $100 per gallon resins, e.g.; if you are making an item that needs to resist temperatures over 150F degrees–then yes you need an oven. It’s extremely unlikely that Luke will need an oven to repair a seat since he is not going to use the $100 epoxy and complex kevlar fibers. He is just repairing a seat, not designing the next generation of armor. And no, a heat lamp does not qualify as high tech cf anymore than your freezer constitutes as a cryogen chamber.

These complex CF are mainly used for things like motorcycle mufflers that need temperatures of over 150F. Thats why they are so godly expensive.

from what i know about carbon fiber you work it the same as fiberglass, the oven method is for special stuff. YOu want to get epoxy resin, you should be able to find some for a reasonably low price. i don’t know about using the small tubes of epoxy you can find at wal-mart… but it is much better than polyester or vinyl resin. i think the sandwich method will work, but i’m going to suggest putting 2 layers on top, one strip with the crack and a few going acrosss it to support it.