Fixed that problem - forever!

I’d cleared my Saturday for some giraffe free-mounting practice but after several attempts, it’s was a bust. My threaded cog had started slipping.

I had thought it slipped once two weeks ago but I couldn’t be certain as I’d been crossing a slick bit of sidewalk that may have been a simple traction issue. After Saturday it was clear that the cog had started slipping. Not messing around, I brought the unicycle to my brother-in-law to have the cog welded in place. I appreciate that it could be re-fitted and with some red Loctite it should hold for a while… blah blah. Never mind. If I ride it so much that the wheel or some other drive line component fails, it’s time to buy a new double chain giraffe unicycle.

I had fully intended to take a picture of the nice clean bead that he put down but in my excitement to reassemble it, I forgot. Oops.

After that, I nailed the first mount attempt as if to say “It’s fixed!”.

weld done! :smiley:

All’s weld that ends weld! :smiley:

Ha Ha, you guys crack me up.

I’m happy to say that the weld has held and my freemounts have gelled. :roll_eyes: