Fixed or GUni

I have been out today for the first time on my old fixed 36. I have rather a lot of 36" uni’s to play with at the moment due to testing bits and racing.

It was really great to get back on to my old faithful. 102 cranks are lovely! (I don’t know why I aways test using 114 or 125 cranks). It was great to ride so smoothly… yes slower. Definately less stressed, especially with the arm still being a little bit unfixed at the moment.

Who else has both fixed and GUni, and ride both?

(in love with fixed again)

woah, you’ve gone from GUni to fixed, wow. I dont know much about this whole thing but what do you now prefer about fixed? wouldnt just having the option of going faster be better? or is the low gear on a 36" guni not the same as a fixed 36"? :thinking:

it is a different feeling… GUni is fast, but you need to concentrate more. Fixed is smoother… it is still averaging 16mph.

I hope i get to try it out some time :smiley:
Also i hope your arm is fully healed soon, injurys are horrible :roll_eyes:

Both are great!

The fixed can be so simple and fun. I can ride it with
my eyes closed, gawk, handle almost any thing without thinking.

The guni is so fast and fun. But needs lots of attention, always feels ‘loose’, and if the crank length is good for one gear it stinks in the other gear. But I’m always on the guni because I love it.

Yes, it’s great to have both!

I’ll let you know when I finally get my own Schlumpf. Bronson’s going to be putting it together soon! :smiley:

Uh, until then, I’m tired of riding fixed, and want an option for pedaling slower…

I love my guni (KH29g). It’s a bit faster than my Coker, but, as all here have said, the guni takes more attention. The Coker is so simple, such a pleasure to ride, that I use it more around town.

That’s interesting! I’ve still got both, but I don’t (actually, won’t) ride the fixed 36 anymore. It just isn’t as efficient for me.


In principle it is the same, the low gear is one-to-one. But usually people have longish cranks on a geared 36", I don’t know of anyone riding shorter than 125 mm. 125 mm is longish on a fixed 36" for an experienced rider, especially on the flat.

Back to Roger’s original question: I still have my fixed 36" but I haven’t ridden it for more than a year. I do all my distance currently on the geared 36", or on the fixed 28" when I’m training for the German marathon in which that is the “standard” class.