Fix the Miyata or get a KH Velo?

The seat on my Stealth is dying! I have tried the franken fix, but it won’t stop ripping. Now, the question I have is… should I go for the Kinport handle, or just buy a KH? I have not tried the KH but I have heard nothing but praise for it (other then the little spinning bolt problem). Cost would be my main reason for choosing the Kinport. Here is the breakdown for cost:

Handle: $19.00
Shipping: $17.97 (the downside to living in Hawaii)
Total: 36.97

KH velo:
Handle: $48
Seatpost: ~$20
Shipping $19.90
Total $87.90

For both I might be able to get the parts ordered from through my LBS. If that’s the case, shipping will be lower.

Of course I also have the option to just buy another uni, Stealths are $65 on sale here, but that only happens a few times a year.

I think the reason the miyata fix didn’t work was because I did it wrong. On one side I drilled into soft plastic. On the other side it was VERY strong metal. Which is it suppose to be?

Thanks for the comments I know I’m going to get from you.

You have a very tough descision here Dan…

For $36.97 you can get the kinport stuff, and for $87.90, you can get KH. I have a KH Velo seat, and I LOVE it. I like it more than the rest of the unicycle, and all of my other uni’s combined. Where I lived, It was a total of $55. It was well worth the price. However, if money is a big concern of yours, I’d say just get another Uni. Getting a saddle that costs more than a decent unicycle is rediculous. It would be much better to get a new Uni, because then you can try things out on the onld one, that might ruin it (i.e. 9ft jumps, grinding, and seat dragging)!!

Thats just my opinion. So ride away and have fun!

Joe :slight_smile:

Re: Fix the Miyata or get a KH Velo?

sounds like you drilled into one of the seat cover clamps or the wire that goes around the bottom of the seat cover.

and just so you know,i can confirm that the black Kinport handles are sold out, they still have white though.

Yes the correct fix is to remove the metal pieces before you drill. I’m working on the FAQ for this with pics even now. But you should be able to do the Yoopers fix for almost nothing especially if you have an extra front bumper, which you may have as a result of warranty. This isn’t the FAQ but may help:

The Kinport solution is excellent, especially if you drill and tape the handle, like I show in the gallery. Then the handle is better than the KH handle.

The KH seat is very comfortable from my limited riding, but the seat is practically unserviceable since it is glued and stapled together. You may be able to add padding to your Miyata to make it more comfortable. There should be plenty of high-quality neoprene in Hawaii!