Five Ten Sizing

Hello All,

After reading several posts, it seems that the Five Ten shoes are pretty good for MUni. The only problem is that I can not find any stores that stock them here in MN.

So, for those of you that own them, do their sizes match up well with other well known brand sizes? IE, a size 11 in a Five Ten is the same as an 11 for Nike? Or is there a difference? Like an 11 in a Five Ten is comparable to a 10.5 in Nike, etc.

I’d like to see a couple of posts comparing the Five Tens to fairly common brands, so I can know what size Impact 2’s to order.

Thanks alot!

Cant help you with sizing but for availability has everything

My experience is that Nike makes a narrow shoe, and I don’t like them for that reason. My foot is wide. 5.10’s are great, because they are wider in general, and nothing sticks like 5.10 rubber. I think lengthwise they are right on according to their sizing. But you might get them slightly larger or smaller depending on what you are doing. I like my hiking and running shoes slightly larger and my climbing shoes slightly smaller than my true shoe size. My Asics, Merrills, and 5.10’s are all the same size, and are all comfortable for my slightly wider than average feet. I use the 5.10’s for Muni sized according to hiking/running, and love the extra grip when riding, and when running out a steep technical UPD.

Order on line from Zappos - they have good prices, ship for free, and I believe you can return for free, too.

I had no problem when I ordered them in my size. They fit perfectly awesome.

Thanks for the info, I feel more comfortable dropping that kinda coin for some shoes knowing that they will most likely fit right!

Like Don said, most 5.10 shoes run a little wide. However the length seems to be exactly that of Nike in terms of fit - meaning I wear a 13 in Nike and a 13 in 5.10 DH shoes.


Does anyone know how the fit compares to skate shoes?

I wear size 9 adios at the moment, but I don’t know what that is in terms of length, and skate shoe sizing can vary a lot. I also heard that 5.10s run a bit small. I don’t want to pay for shipping 3 times either for already expensive shoes.

lucky me there is a bike shop in irvine ( close to me ) that always keeps them in stock

Most skate shoes tend to fit about the same as 5 10’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a bike shop near you had them. I think REI carries them as well, so at least you could try them on somewhere and order them online. pays for shipping both ways–to and from your house, if you want to return them. It’s an option for trying on a size. If it doesn’t fit, no harm, no foul, just put a label on and schedule a time for UPS or FedEx to pick the box up.

If you find them cheaper elsewhere, you could still return them to zappos and buy your size from the other place.

Thanks for that link!

I’m about to order a set of 9.5s.

edit: ordered :smiley:

I think you’ll like them a lot. I also found that 5.10’s were “true to fit”. One trick I’ve often done when it comes to ordering clothes on the internet is to order two or three sizes at the same time with the plan to return the ones that don’t fit all at once. This can save a lot of time and possibly some money (if you have to pay for return shipping).

I think I will too.

No more bruised feet for me!

I pretty much always get a good fit at my own size of 10.5. My one pair of 5-10s, if anything, are a tad tight, though for walking around they seem to be just right. When riding, long pulls at high speed tend to cause foot numbness after a while, and I have to remember to curl & uncurl my toes some to pump up the circulation.

They’re the most expensive shoes I’ve ever bought, and the best pair of (road) riding shoes I’ve ever had. Also excellent for MUni. I still prefer turf shoes for Freestyle, though I think the 5-10s would be good for that as well; I just don’t do it much anymore.