Five Ten Impact VXi

I recently purchased these shoes. They have a nice firm sole, and really sticky rubber. I wear size 10, and these are size 10. Unfortunately, they are too small (short, mainly). At first I thought it was pretty minor, they felt ok, but the first time out, on the Amasa back trail in Moab, my big toes became so painful I could hardly walk. Later the big toenail on my right foot turned purple, so it’s going to come off. I highly recommend NOT trying these if you wear size 10! I recommend a size 9 wearer. Anyway, they’re hardly used, and since they were kind of expensive I don’t want to just chuck them, and since they’re obviously worn I don’t feel I can return them. I did like them for the brief time I wore them. Make offer if you’re interested. Here’s a link to complete description:

(They also come with a pair of black laces, in case you don’t feel so flamboyant.)

Mildly surprised that no one has expressed any interest in these. Notice that I haven’t specified a price, just make an offer. The next stop is the Salvation Army donation bin. (These are $150 new, and are barely used.)

PM sent :wink:

Deal in the works. Thx Sidd.


If it falls through, let me know.

They’re in the mail.