Fitting Kommando Grind Plate

A long time ago I bought a Kommando grind plate from and I found out it doesn’t fit on my pedals. Now, I am getting new pedals but I want the orange cielencki ones and from the picture on danscomp, it doesn’t look like it will fit those either. So now, I think im going to get the Cielencki pedals anyway and try to fit the grind plate a different way. Does any one have another idea to fit the grind plate? I was thinking about using gorilla glue and just glue the plastic to to pedal body but I dont think that will hold up very long. Here is a pic of the pedal if it works

oddessey pedal.jpg

here is the grind plate


or have me make you a custom one!!!:smiley:

what you could do is to use the bolts and everything with it and just set it up differently. I made a picture to show how you can do it. I dont know if it will work or not though.

the gray would be the part that holds the plate on and the plate would go over top of it.

I didnt know that they still had the orange ones. I’ve been wanting to get a pair.

oddessey pedal example.jpg

thanks, that might work, i will try it when i get them. I wanted the orange pedals before too then they were gone and now they are on the website again so i guess they are back:)

It sure looks like those grind plates will work on the Jimmy C’s… Try them the right way, I wouldn’t be supprised if they did work.

Oh yeah, don’t buy grind plates from evan, I have been waiting for a month or so for him to even start them…

There is a very good possibility that im wrong but it looks like on the farthest side in the picture there isn’t a hole just little slots and thats where the plastic part is supposed to fit.

oddessey pedal2.jpg

I own the pedals and yet I didn’t even think of that…

Maybe you could tri attatching a peice to the grind plate so it does fit tin the slots, like so:

Red/Green = The Attachment
Black = Current Peices
Blue = Bolts


infact i am allmost finnished on ur grind plate catboy.

There are pedals with grind plates built in, as well. I have no idea how these hold up as compared to custom or the Kommando, but it’s something to check out:

why not just get the demolition pedals? they have the same pin geometry as the odyssey’s, they have holes instead of slots, and are lighter by .5 oz. Oh yeah, and they come in poo brown.

instead of making an attachment you could cut out the material between the slots.


Ask the company you bought the grind plates from to give you a list of pedals that will work.

I emailed danscomp yesterday and they told me it will fit anyway. I dont know how but i will try anyway

Let me know if it fits, because I have been meaning to get some grind plates, but have no access to a metals shop, and really want to be able to but a plate.

like I said. if the slots aren’t big enough for the plastic pieces, get a file or a hack saw and make them bigger.

Why cut the pedal, when you could easily cut the plstic for it to fit… Duh.

A while ago, I was trying to cut some platic in a shape so the grind plate would fit my current pedals and I found when i was trying to cut a small piece, it would just break off because the friction from the saw melted the plastic. I think it was a differnt kind of plastic so maybe that wont happen with lexan.

Also, if i cut the slots out of the pedals, how much would it weaken the pedal, if at all?

Probably a little, but not anything to be concerned about, they are solid pedals, and most others have an open hole right there where the slots are, so if you did do it, Im sure it would be no big deal, just a long and tedious project…

Just an update on this:

I ordered them and apparantly the picture is orange but the pedals arent, they were an ugly camo color.

Like I thought, they dont work. I called Danscomp today because i didnt want to bother with modifing anything and told them they didnt work. The guy got some of the pedals and the grindplates and realized they didnt fit. Apparantly, nobody there really knew they just assumed they did. So after talking to them, i sent the pedals back and they are sending me some Snafus instead, which he tested for me and confirmed they would fit. They origionally told me the primos were the only ones that wont fit, four pairs of pedals later I finally can use my grindplates.