Fitting a KH handle to a Miyata CF base

I have a CF seat base in the Miyata shape which I’m planning on making into an airseat for my muni. However I prefer the KH handles to the squitty little Miyata ones. What I’d like to do is to mount a KH handle on my Miyata seat base. With a cursory inspection I can tell that these two parts won’t mate together well without some modification. Has anyone tried this before? If so how did you do it?

ive tried that before.

on thing that stands out is the KH handle will not hold the seat cover on as well as the Miyata handle. it just doesnt contact as much of the surface area to hold it on and keep it in place like the M. Style ones.

try a kinport.

Jagur - did your seat’s cover actually slip off when you were riding? Or did it just need lots of attention and readjusting? What I’m getting at is how bad the fit was…

Fexnix - thanks for your suggestion but Kinports aren’t readily available in New Zealand and this is what happened to my last one: