Fitting a cycle computer?

What is the best way to fit a cycle computer to a uni, and are there any special problems?
I have always preferred wired rather than wireless on my other b*kes.
I’m just interested to record the distance ridden, trip and total…

I know this isn’t a direct answer but I recently bought a Garmin 310XT wrist GPS. It fits perfectly around my Coker PI bar and I can switch it between my other uni’s, mt bike, kayak whatever. No wires, easy to remove, 30 hour battery, waterproof. It has been great so far and sure beats keeping up with several devices. I’m sure others will have more useful input to your question about a traditional CPU.

I use one of Cateye’s wireless computers and simply mount it to the seatpost. I don’t concern myself with the stats while riding. Like you, I just want to know my distance, and total mileage.

Search for cycle computer in the upper right search box. You’ll get a lot of info.

I bought a PG03 mini GPS receiver for £15 and it worked well for distance & speed

The problem to me is only having it on one unicycle. So now I use a Garmin 305. It’s starting to get old, but still records my data no matter what I’m riding.

However if you only want to collect data on one uni, a uni-mounted computer is way cheaper. Assuming you are not going wireless (which must be mounted close to the pickup as possible), a handlebar is the most useful place to mount one. But many years ago, 1986 actually, I mounted a Cateye Solar to the seat post of a friend’s uni. You can’t look at it while riding though. Later on (early 90s), I built one into the front of the seat on my track uni. You could look at it, but you had to kind of yank up on your shorts to do so; not the most elegant setup. This was before there were handlebars for unicycles. :slight_smile: