fitting a creepy crawler

Anyone had trouble fitting a 20 x 2.0 Creepy Crawler on a regular 20" rim?

I just bought one to put on my daughter’s cheap Sun uni. The bead is significantly larger diameter than the 20 x 2.125 Kenda that came on it. When I inflated the tube, the tire came off the rim and blew the tube.

I don’t know what model Sun it is, but it has quite a narrow rim, only 1" wide on the outside. I wouldn’t expect that to be the problem, especially since it was fitted with a supposed 2.125", but is it? It is the narrowest rim of all our unis. I didn’t try to fit it on a different one yet.

Creepy Crawler is not suitable for a 20 inch rim. It fits a trails rim often designated as 19" (ERD 396 mm).

mmm, he said CC 20x2.0, which is the “front” CC and will fit a standard 20" rim.

They come in both sizes, front trials tires just aren’t popular on unicycles.

A 25mm rim is pretty skinny for a trials front tire but it should not have blown off. I would try one more time, making sure the bead is fully seated all around before increasing the air pressure.

If the bead really is larger than a standard BMX tire and it won’t seat properly, then the tire is defective.

Thanks, yes it is the front tire and I thought it should fit. It is quite a loose fit, though, but now that I have another tube I’ll try again. I’ve never had trouble with wide tires on skinny rims with mountain bikes, so I was surprised to see this. Maybe it needs to go back.