Fitness armbands

Has anyone tried 'em and how do they work with unicycling?

So far I’ve been using endomondo for tracking my rides, but there’s not really any category for unicycling so I’ve just set it to “other”(which doesn’t give a calorie estimate)


I have a fitbit and by default it usually just tracks unicycling as a sport or aerobic activity depending on what I’m doing (i.e tricks vs a long ride). For the calorie burning portion I have the fitbit charge hr so it goes by my heart rate versus just the activity so its decently accurate. The Strava (Stravia?) app has a designated unicycle setting though so if you take your phone with you and want to track your ride you can do it through the app.

Stravia eh? Might just bring the phone in a backpack then:)
Ordered the Sony SmartBand 2 already. Away with work and not much to do…and had some money burning in my pocket:)

I have begun to use “cycling, sport” to unicycling in Endomondo, and kept “cycling, transportation” only to measure trips longer than 5 km on my normal bicycle. Maybe not the best solution, but then it is easy to distinguish between them.

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I use map my ride app on it is awesome. I have a blue tooth headphone, i pump on my music and turn the app on. Tracks my miles speed, time of day, split speed, every mile while i ride. Truly amazing and before this i was considering getting a fitness watch but this app was perfect for me. Also it is free and there is a unicycle setting, and tire size setting. I never used other trackers so i cant say how accurate it is, but it also gives you a map layout of your trail once finished and also the elevation. Checks out everytime i ride.

“Map” (iPhone?) has a unicycle setting??!!