Fit question on the grey pulse gloves


Anybody out there wear the size small Pulse gloves? Do you find that the wrist wrap fits OK or is it too long?

For that matter, is there anyone out there with the grey Pulse gloves that finds the wrist wrap either too long or too short?

Thanks for the feedback.


My friend has a pair that he doesnt wear…I dont know why? But ive tried them they felt really nice…I thought around the wrist felt nice not too tight but not too loose…And it would have been a small…So I thought it was good…


Are you desighning a new product?

they fit nice i think. i just dont wear gloves anymore, but if i did i would wear them
i have the problem of the leg gaurds are really big (diameter) and i should be wearing extra large for the correct height.

Over the past three years I have had two different pairs of the red gloves. Every few months I had to get out a needle and thread and restitch some of the fingers. Last month I got the new grey gloves (size Large). I like them much better than the red ones. The quality seems greatly improved. As far as the length of the wrist wrap it seems just right to me.

I wear the largest size, and find the wrist strap works just fine. No issues with the gloves at all, and a good improvement from the red ones, which for me lost stitching quickly on some of the fingers. I love my grey pulse gloves.

Thanks for the feedback. The reason for the question is that currently the length of the wrist wrap is the same for all sizes of the glove.

This is easier for manufacturing reasons, and so far I haven’t run into anyone who had a problem with the wrist wrap. However, it would be great to hear from anyone who found the wrist wrap either too short or too long.


Sorry to threadjack but…

Is there going to be any improvements on the KH seatpost Kris?



i wear the red ones and they are amazing. the wraps are a little short if you ask me… but im not and expert or anyhting.

Yes, but it won’t be out for a while.

Okay just checking up on it…It would be good :slight_smile:


I agree. I wear the red ones and I think the wrist wrap is a bit short even for my skinny wrists.

Here is a picture of my hand with the glove on. This is the size large. For the size of my wrist the wrap is the perfect length. As you can see in the photo the end of the wrap comes almost exactly to where the velcro ends.

I had the same issue w/ my size medium red gloves, but to get good wrist support I had to sinch the straps down so that my hands would fall asleep, and I felt like there wasn’t enough palm impact protection. I now wear these Protec braces and I keep them a bit on the loose side.

I haven’t tried the grey gloves.

I have a similar problem w/ my 661 4X4’s. In size med. they are still way too big in the calf, but way too short. By height I think I would need an extra large.

Kris, how is the fitting like on the leg armor in comparison to the 4X4’s (including hight of the pads)? Also how is the knee padding, IMO it’s not enough in the 661’s?

I’ll probably be purchasing a pair of the pulse gloves fairly soon. However, I don’t know what size to get!! Are glove sizes standardized? Should I got to wal-mart and figure out what size I need?

I feel the same way about the percussion leg armor. I really don’t know what size to get. Are they available at any uni conventions where I could try sizes on, and then purchase the best fitting pair?

Thanks for any info!

i wear the medium, and the wrist wrap seems to be of perfect size. I say keep going as is…

i wear the small and hate them, the wrist wrap is goes too far up my wrist and gets annoying so i wear my sixsixones

I purchased the XL, the wrist area is fine but the fingers are short and tight. My fingers go numb so I don’t wear them.

I wear mediums, I think I should have ordered larges, my hands are that in-between medium and large size. When I do up my wraps there is about 1cm of the soft loopy velcro showing so the wrist rap is about perfect.

Wear them everyday except when I’m injured, like now.

They are definitely the most comfortable wrist protection I have ever worn and have saved my hands and wrists on more than one occasion.


Sorry for the threadjack but wanted to tell you a suggestion that works great for me. My legs are also way to long and skinny to fit any leg armor. So I cut my old 661’s about 6 inches from the bottom up and so I have these little 6 inch strips that work great. I put them on first, then put my leg armor overlapping them an inch or two. This not only adds length but it also makes my calf thicker so I can get the armor tight and this keeps it from sliding down my leg. Maybe in the future these can be manufactured as extensions for all us tall skinny folks! :slight_smile: