Fiskeøye test = Fisheye test

This video is just to test my new fisheye :smiley:

Those flashes are just annoying.

Thank you very much, you are just annoying. You always have bad things too say about the Norwegians movies!

nice video and nice fisheye and if you think the flashes are so annoying maybe you should consider going to an eyedoctor :wink:

i would be careful! i don´t think that he has anything against norwegians and their movies (he didn´t wrote sth against you!!) ! but max is still right…it´s nice to put in a few flashes in a few parts but not in the whole video, flashs got a little bit overused in the last years so try to use them carfully.
but it´s just a test soo… well done :wink:

but why is the black on the right and left side different??? maybe try to fix that on the computer or do you just zoomed in it?



Im going to have to +1.

I’m all for well places flashes, but those were absolute overkill. The flashes were overused to the point that they were distracting me from the riding that was going on in the video.

I know it seems like a ridiculous thing to be upset about, but imagine how annoying it would be if I overused any other effect (for example, a whole video in slow-mo or the annoying WMM hue-cycle).

As far as the fisheye goes, it was hard to even see the effect because of how cluttered the shot was.

I do recognize this was a test, and that is why I am trying to give constructive criticism. If you plan to create a longer video with the same effects, go easier on the flashes, work on the angles of the shots, and maybe find a better location (I know it can be hard in the winter). Good luck.

I was just to lazy to explain. Also good point with the angles and fisheye.

Did you see the Sinco “Untitled” video with Krisz? That video was edited to perfection and in complete slow-mo. There are few exceptions though; this is just one.

[QUOTE=Any Terrain;1301306]
I was just to lazy to explain. Also good point with the angles and fisheye.

Ok, i going to try to get a better angle and don`t have so many flashes :wink: I was in a bit bad mood yesterday :frowning:


Flashes are annoying when overused.
But whatever, go film some street! :stuck_out_tongue:

hungry4uni +1’d this?? Really? I didn’t notice. I always have something good to say about Norwegian vids XD, just love Opeth too much ahah.(this counts as me saying something good ;p)

Crap… Just found out Opeth are Swedish XD

O’well haha

that just made hav a serious lol!!