hey guys! i made a small video with my new fisheye…nothing special :p:p:p:D
check it out and pls drop a comment;)

hope you enjoy (don´t forget HD)

Felix doing flatland!!! :astonished:

Nice fifthflip :wink:

haha…i got better in rolls in the last month:p

what was the song ?

It´not cool without shinpads (H) but still cool with landing fifth seat in (Y)

i think this may be my hundred post.

after that fish saw you he got inspired to uni

mein weed-mono & nikitamann

haha…the fifht was seat out;)

haha thx:D

Felix bauer :stuck_out_tongue: haha. The fisheye looks very nice and the fifthflips are very smooth as usual. Is that a new frame?

Cool flatland with only one roll. Do you get a new uni?

hahaha mikiah:D do you remember the whole sentence?

ali and mikiah: i´ve no new uni its just franzi´s green spirit frame but i wish that it´s mine:p

+youtube link :

sorry for doublepost:p

Yes but I can not spell it :D:D:D

Schuldigen du bauer du stankt!!!

almost right :stuck_out_tongue:

right it is: Tschuldigung du bauer du stinksch :wink:

Awesome felix loved it sadly I’m losing my fifths because im so close to sej flips, and do you know anywhere to get a cf base ?


You need a CF base?

Just write “akaestle” a PM, he produced some Carbon-Fibre bases and sells them, a lot of Pro riders ride them (Adrien, Elliot,…).

He lives in Germany, but i think the porto from Germany to America is not cheap *-)


do you know how much they cost?

The riding is nice but that flashes are realy annoying.

Just ask akaestle :wink: