Fisheye Test

My brother got a new fish eye lens for his camera and he wanted to film me to test it out, then he made an edit out of it. It’s not my best riding and some of the tricks are pretty sketchy but here it is anyways.

Sweet, man. Looks good.

Cool video, I liked it overall, but I think the color correcting was a bit much. The yellow was alright though, I think because it only effected the sky and the concrete and didn’t put a yellow haze over anything.

0:34 = funny. Fisheye is a bit shaky but no much vignetting, so it’s ok.

There was a nice & relaxed feeling in the vid, I liked that.

i didnt like the tshirt you were wearing, also, i think you could of used less fisheye…

im only kidding. every comment i read is someone suggesting a better way to make the video, even though its only a test in this case hahaha.

i do like fisheyes and i do like sublime.


nice video. How long ago did you get that unicycle it’s not beat up enough haha. I liked the riding and the filming/editing music hit the spot. Good feel.

Aww damn!
you used the song I wanted to use for my summer vid… :angry: