Fish are friends, not food!

I tried doing some filming seeing as I just got back into unicycling again. This is also my first time trying to edit :o Constructive critisism please :wink: Oh and the title was Alisters idea haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you enjoy.

quite dark most of the time, work on that. also see if you can up the quality of your camera

Nice dude! 180 unispin off the pallets was sick.

Good stuff, awesome that your back in unicycling again. :slight_smile:

Thankyou Julia and Trevor :slight_smile:

I started off wanting to make a weekend video just to show me getting back into unicycling but turned out I had to film more…But when I get home from school its already dark and its snowing where I am this weekend. So it would be 2 weeks till i could film more :frowning: But I think I’m just impatient :o And yeah I do need a new camera, thanks anyway :smiley:

Dude you live in london? Are you coming to the ride on december 18th?

Yeah I live in London and I’m not 100% sure yet but I have transport so I probably can :slight_smile:

Nice tricks and good video for the first time editing. I don´t know if you have done it deliberately, but I like the last shot: 1:04-1:20

Cheers :slight_smile: And do you mean because of the random toilet? :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah I did that deliberately. Let me just clear this up, the toilet had a hole in it so we took it out while the new one was beng shipped :wink:

Jajaja, no, I said that because in the shot the close up is in focus and you are out of focus. (I don´t know if I have explained it well, sorry for my bad english). Anyway it doesn´t matter. Good vid!

Oohh I see what you mean haha I was looking at the wrong clip :roll_eyes: I didn’t do it on purpose but did notice after I uploaded it :stuck_out_tongue: And cheers :wink: