Okay so this is my uni stats and I am a beginner so please give me any advice you can
I have 2 torkers a cx 20 only thing not stock is a maxxis hookworm tire and an lx 24 fully stock.
I can ride forwards, backwards, stall, stall with one foot, ride on my stomach ,ride down the curb , hop back up the curb and ride holding the seat out in front.
Basically I need advice on what I should learn next and what to upgrade on a unemployed 16 year old salary.
Thanks for all your help :slight_smile:

oh and i’m 6’2" 175 lbs

I think riding and idling with one foot, either foot are useful to know, for when your feet come off the pedals. Any skills that you want to learn but don’t yet know how, you could start working on.

You could upgrade to anything if you can afford it. It depends on what type of riding you want to get into. Save up and make the most of what you’ve got in the meanwhile. I love my 36, and one day maybe I’ll get a Schlumpf hub.

You should watch some of the videos on this forum. Than you could tell us what type of style you might like to try, freestyle, distance/touring, muni, street, trials, flat… that way we could better suggest tricks and parts or unicycles to try to fit your budget.

Other than that, the next trick i worked on when I was where you are at was wheel walking where you push the tire along with your feet.

You should look for Peter Kittle, who I think teaches at the university. He’s one of the other unicyclists in Chico. He’s my age, but I think his son rides also. You are not alone. Unfortunately I don’t have contact info, but I think he’s pkittle here in the forums.

Thanks everyone, I’ll probably have to learn how to wheel walk next and
@ spacefmk I want to do all of those.

Here is a thread to get a starting 36" commuter for around 300 dollars.

Here is a link for a decent starting trials/street uni for about $300
(they also have these in other exciting colors for about 10 dollars more.)
For things like crank arms, if you want to do some really big riding upgrade to the Kris Holm moment cranks. And if you want to do flat riding with crankrolls and the like you would want the moment cranks with rollo disks, also available on

As for what you have, if you really ride the cx unicycles and start trying to do tricks you will tear them up. The LX can take a little bit more riding but if you dont want your unicycle to fall apart upgrade to one of the ones I suggested.
As for mUni and freestyle, I cant really suggest much, I dont do much myself so I will leave that one to someone with a bit more experience.

That is my suggestions for now.

Well that was a really helpful. I have two more questions , Is juggling on a unicycle a unicycle trick ? (cuz I can juggle so i thought I might try it out on a uni) And Whats easier to learn how to wheel walk on a 20 or a 24?

Juggling on unicycle is a trick, anything on a unicycle is a trick. Some people find it fun to do, some dont.
As for wheel walking I think its easier on the 20.