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Poll: What wheel size did you learn to unicycle on?

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glopal wrote:
> Poll: What wheel size did you learn to unicycle on?


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A 20" Schwinn with cottered cranks.

20 inches.

And a bit of a thread hijack, but still quite related. After mastering general riding on your first unicycle, if you bought a second unicycle of another wheel size, what was the size of the second wheel, and how long did it take for you to get used to it?

I learned on a 20. A year later I got a 24. It took roughly 10 minutes to get used to it.


I first tried on a 24" P.O.S. with little success and bought a 20" Stealth Torker and learned pretty quickly. Once I felt comfortable on the Torker, I bought a 24" Yuni Muni and had no trouble adjusting to it and ride it exclusively now

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On Sun, 20 Apr 2003 10:14:20 -0500, glopal
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>Poll: What wheel size did you learn to unicycle on?

See the table at <>
And read that it matters, too, for learning time required.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

“661, neighbourhood of the Beast”

20", then a KH24 muni.

Started on a 16" red Troxel with solid rubber tire.
Bought a 24" Taiwan, broke that in a month
Bought a 20" United/Monty/Profile. Broke my neck.
Bought a 20" Semcycle Freestyle. Hated freestyle stuff.
Built a 24" NII/Profile/Alex/Fireball. Ride hard every day I can.

Was this thread was on before. :frowning: I think it was. Getting to hate repeats. Oh well, here it is.

A 20" Juggleart Standard Unicycle.


24" Cottered POS

A 24" cottered Schwinn I haggled for in a Pawn shop for $15. I think it’s got the old style seat, probably from the 70’s/80’s. I learned on it, then leant it to some friends to learn on after I bought a 24" savage from a bike shop for $110 (mistake!). The ol’ Schwinn is still circulating around the Hell On Wheel gang.

I’ve since bought a 24" united muni with with sun rim/suzue hub/miyata aircushion seat, a 20" torker (now being used in the Lower East Side of New York), and a 700c semcycle XL lite. I think I’m ready for a new muni, maybe with a profile hub, but still trying to decide what combo to get.

20 inch Pashley UMX

Then 26 Pashley MUni
(Quite a step up at the time)

Then a Nimbus 24
(Immediately comfortable with it)

Then a Coker (36)
Took some learning.

Then a 28
No problems

16" hard plastic tire Troxel first. Eventually learned to ride in a straight line. When attemping to turn, this proved too much for the cheap P.O.S.

At around that time, did one ride (one attempt) on a 24" Schwinn; went 100+ meters, also in a straight line.

Three years later, learned to turn on Schwinn Giraffe with 20" wheel.

A club 20", then I bought my own 20", then I bought a 24" which I rebuilt to a 700c for distances, then rebuilt to a 26" for MUni. Now I have a shed full


Re: First Wheel

  1. 24" DM
  2. 26" DMATU
  3. 20" DM
  4. Coker
  5. 20" x 2 DM (still learning slowly)

As you can see, I like DMs.

A 20". It was a JCPenney unicycle with one piece cranks, a true P.O.S. I think the tire was solid, I can’t remember, it was around 1970.
Once I learned, I bought a 20" Columbia which got stolen. Then I bought a 24" Schwinn, I remember it was $40 new. A few years later I traded that and $200 for my first car.

Now I’ve got a bunch, including a 24" Schwinn (for sentimental reasons).

and a bit of a futher hi-jack…
when u got your second wheel, was your first reaction to say ‘this is much easier/nicer/better than the one i learnt on’?

how many people would’ve prefered to have learnt on their second wheel?

The first unicycle I owned was a Schwinn Giraffe (20"). This was followed by a 24" Schwinn. That was followed about a year later by a 24" Miyata.

For a teenager, I don’t thing there’s a significant difference between learning on a 20" or a 24". I think I might have done better on a 24". Anything would have been better than the Troxel I learned on.