First Videos

I’m pretty new to the forum and i like to share my first two videos with you.
I’m riding municycle now for 5-6 weeks and i hope you enjoy the videos.
I’m open for critics and suggestions for my next videos.

And here is the second video.

Hey Yoji92

They’re two great videos :slight_smile:

All that skill in a matter of weeks. Jumps, hops, backwards riding, I’m really impressed. You go down some pretty steep slopes . And you have a great area to ride right on your doorstep.

Lovely vids :slight_smile:

How long since you first learned to uni?

I seen a 29 or 36 in your near future :sunglasses:

thanks for the nice words :wink:
i first start unicycling 2 years ago. I could just ride a little bit forwards, no free mount or anything else but then i quite for 1 year. After this year, i bought my 24" muni and thats my progress till now. And yes its a nice place right out of my housedoor. I will start trial in the future, thats why a 29 or a 36 will wait some time :wink: