First Video
Not the best quality or riding but it was fun to make.

all newbs need to watch this video to see what a videos of this skill level should look like. very few extra hops in their.
not the best riding but if you were pushing yourself, i cant wait till you get really good, because your riding will be really clean
you kinda surprised me with the small spin though.

that was very impressive. Your hopping is really good.

thank you

The video was good but the music was horrible

That was a good video but I have to agree with Matt.

P.S. Do you own any horses?

really good work, how long have you been riding?
i agree with matt

nice job, but I have one question, is that yellow thing in the bottom left side o’ the screen a lemon juice container?

your gona get too good for your uni soon

I enjoyed that video. Nice rolling hop and unispins.

Ther should be a “First Video” subthread!:slight_smile:

Nice, so much cleaner than my riding. If you stick with it you’ll go far mate.