First Video!

Hey, I just got my first video up in my gallery:

I was wondering, is there a way to get my username in the URL of my gallery?

Sorry, i uploaded the wrong file, 2 minutes!

Ok, it should be working now! Enjoy!

(It is a bit lame, but I have not been riding very long)

And, can i change my gallery’s URL?

I have been riding… .since the middle of July. Almost 2 months.

I like the video. The offroad riding reminds me of when I would take my Schwinn street uni out in the pasture and try riding. That was way back in the early 80’s before muni was muni. My riding was at about the same level as yours at that time. Good times.

Nope. Can’t do that with new albums. The old version of the gallery would let you do that, but the new version doesn’t.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I had my CX until a week ago, and then it got mesed up, so I got the Nimbus Trials. That is why the CX is on the offroad parts.

hey how old are you just wondering hehe:p that was a pretty good vid for a youngin

wow u look like your ten or 9 not 13 :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Thanks, i am a bit vertically challenged…

A tip for future videos is don’t reuse the same footage over and over again. Also, try and edit out all the not serious wipe outs. Keep the serious wipe outs for our amusement:) . Good to see some new members comin’ in (like me!) Remember, short people are really good at spins and BACK FLIPS. Yeah.:smiley:

Cool stuff, lil guy.

Thanks for all of your feedback, and now that I know I can do a small jump and almost complete a ramp thing… its time to idle (and “practice, practice, practice”…)

cool vid

that was cool. way bette rthan my video because I don’t have one:)

It will be cool to see how you leanr to hop and do other skills if you make more movies.

That was good.
A good tip for putting together clips:
Only use wipeout clips if they’re awesome, or if you have a clip of you doing it too. If you put a bunch of failures all together, and then just go on to something else without landing it, the viewer is just kind of like “What?!?”

Yeah, the ramp part was a bit of a failure, but when I master it, I am going to edit that in to make it better. Thanks for all of the tips!

You have very good grammar for a 13 year old, at least compared to a lot of people around that age on these forums.

like me. my grammer is bad, most of the time.

that was a nice video. I cant wait to see your next video and to see how much you have progessed.

i’m curious to know how you messed up your cx.
or was somebody else riding it at the time?