First video...

My friend and I recorded a rather mediocre video a few weeks ago, and he finally got around to editing it. Some parts are dark - we did this is one afternoon and had to stop a few times for snow flurries…

The riding isn’t that great, but it’s the best I could pull off that day. The acting… is Oscar-worthy (is it an Oscar thats awarded for acting? I don’t even know…).

We’re filming more this week, and there will be a lot of better stuff in the next video. And more great acting… I hope everyone has a sense of humor…

Here 's the link… It’d probably be a good idea to watch it in Windows Media Player.

I welcome all feedback/comments/input. Thanks.


I liked the vid, but I skipped to the part where you were landing everything after 20seconds of crashing. I like the ending with Angel of Death.

You suck.but,when you suck,your better than me. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Im gonna have to learn to suicide mount.

Nice video. It was kinda weird formatted thoughyou should have of had all the messups at the end instead of the beginning, it kinda killed the whole half of the movie.

Thanks for the replys… The video was supposed to be a montage (listen to the music), and really it was supposed to be funny.

Sooo, for you who don’t like bails, I threw together the clips of me actually doing things, and added some great music.

So here ya go.


very nice.

i liked the gliding bits. i can glide now perfectly but havent even tried to do it from riding. also very impressive rail riding.