First Video

This was after about two weeks of the KH07 arriving.

I’ve learned one-footed, wheel walking, 180s and hopping since I’ve had the KH07.

I’m learning to hop sif, unispins, crankflips, and one footed WW now :slight_smile:

Oh, and do you think my seat is too high for trials?

Cool pretty sweet :smiley: Although if there is a next video make sure you change the scenery to make it more interesting rather than the same background.

I’m guessing you’ve been following the list of skill levels by the order of tricks in your video.Your showing great talent and obviously a fast learner.:slight_smile:

Yeh, i did build up to my wheel walking. I do learn flat skills quickly, but i suck anything to do with hopping high- I suppose that comes with time.

nice :sunglasses:

Your learning really fast! It’s interesting to see how people progress differently. I find learning flatland tricks a lot harder to do and will often take a few weeks just to learn one trick. You seem to be picking them up fast.