First video - table top riding

I went out aand practised footplants and stuff today, and decided to make a vid. It’s nothing too great, but It’s my first try making a movie. Hope you enjoy.


Awesome riding, but you forgot to cut off the music at the end, it kept playing after the credits.

The music tricked me I thought it was longer but it was a good video.


Slick, how long you been riding?

Has anyone else had a problem using google video? For some reason my computer won’t let me watch the video and it isn’t because of any block or anything.

pretty good. I think you should get some more riding spots and work on not delaying on top of the box. So as soon as you jump off, spin the uni, then jump back on. Instead of jumping on and landing on the table, standing on both feet, spinning and landing.

Nice video and riding miles! Why not also make a video showing you riding your trials course in your backyard? But then again me and Perry will be riding it with you this sunday! :smiley:

cool video, getting good! Although around 42 second you do this thing where it just kinds of looks like you are dancing around the unicycle, it made me giggle.

sweet mullet :smiley:

Nice table. And nice sunglasses. :sunglasses:

haha, I never thought that that would look so cheezy:o

I’ve been riding for a bit more than a year, but this really wasn’t my best riding, It was more of an excuse to make a vid and try editing.\

you aren’t helping evan…

ha, those are transistion perscription glasses. They look alot darker than they really are.


Reminder: The more times you spin the uni around while standing on one foot doesnt make it more impressive. Also a simple crank grab is just as impressive is crank grabing, and steping around your uni fity times and kicking the tire.

You should cut it better so we aren’t staring at a box for a long time inbetween tricks. That default windows movie maker blue background is annoying. Try to use less fancy transitions, they don’t look good. When you do footplants try to not camp out on the ledge forever or you are really just standing there twirling the uni around.
Other than that its a good first attempt.

^^^^ exact thoughts

thanks everyone.


is that a 24 or are you just really little?

he, its a trials uni. I look really funy on munis

Probably like me on my 26… the wheel goes up to my thigh!

ha, cokers go up to my shoulder.

they are fun to ride…