First video of nephews at Ray's

This video is of Joseph & Joshua, my 14 & 11 year old nephews. Since Joshua got sick, he made a very short appearance in one of the clips. They started riding this summer and learned to free mount at the NAUCC 2005. They both ride a 24" Torker LX with Bontrager tire upgrades. They both can hop and 1-foot idle forever. And now, racing to 1-foot ride first…

We just spent the day after Thanksgiving at Ray’s MTB Park in Cleveland. I spent the best part of today cleaning up my car after Joshua heaved on the way home :astonished: .

Hope you enjoy The Video

Looks like those two wheel devices are much too dangerous for Ray’s.

Impressive looking video, he seems to have good control over his uni. Gives me something to shoot for, seeing as how I’ve got a 24" Torker.

I liked the bike spill at the end there.

I certainly did enjoy the video. Thank you. Nice riding. Nice work in the rock garden. It was also cool to see (in the video) some of the new stuff at Ray’s since the last time I was there. By the way, I was sick during my last trip to Ray’s, so I know what a bummer that is.

That was into the foam pit.

Trials at Ray’s

Ray’s has supposedly been upgraded significantly since last year. Today, there were a few guys doing MTB-Trials in the trials-corner. They were wondering if any good UNI-Trials guys were stopping by. I’m kind of new to trials, so my present ability is gapping less than 12” and jumping about 6-8”. Just trying to keep up with the nephews.