first video just really basic stuff

Well this is my first vid. It doesn;t have much on it i have only been riding for a month which 2 weeks of that i wasn’t able to ride at all.

by the way my hops have getten way better since i made this. (they are really bad in this vid)

Nice going Ryan! Keep at it you’re doing great!:smiley:

I liked how you disapeared behind the tree and later reapeared:p

Great job for half a month, keep it up!:slight_smile:

linkky no worky!

Thanks guys.
Yeah i thought the tree thing would make it cooler.
the link worked for me.
i guna start shooting a better movie this weekend. I will have muni, skinnies and some basic very basic street stuff (I not any good at street yet but i did land a 180 today)

Amazing. In one month you are already riding forward, freemounting, going up ramps, teetering, hopping, and stopping mid pedal to go forward again. :slight_smile: I’m impressed!

You didn’t show any complete turns so I’m guessing that is something you are working on. Probably why you ended up in the grass and then disappeared magically behind the tree? :wink:

Looking forward to your next video.

thanks. i can do u turns i just figured it would be easier to edit if i went out of frame after i did something instead of linking the different stuff together as one. and the tree thing i meant to do b/c i thought it would look cool when i made myself disapear and reapear in a different part of the video.