First video, any tips?

Just wanted to put my first video up and maybe get some tips on better riding or even a more interesting video if I can. I have only been riding for a little bit less than a month in the first part and about 1 1/2 months on the second part. Please help if you can.

Here is the link:


cool video. especially if youve only been riding not that long. my only advice is dont be afraid to just land something. took me a while to figure this out.


one thing MUSIC!!! :roll_eyes:

I listen to classical music and am having some trouble finding something good.

What kind of unicycle do you use? Nice riding, too.

Rachmaninov’s 5th.

I ride a Torker Unistar LX 24"

ha! You sir, have obviously not unicycled for long enough. Fear is good. Fear is our friend.

Fear keeps us alive.

people with no fear are dumbasses. Well…I guess that says alot about myself.

Anyways…I figure I’ll get a mouth-guard and go back to my crazy antics in a week from now.

Good video though…you got better and better as it went on.

Music is a must though.

nice riding! looks like you are ready to start riding at Emma Long Park (City Park) .

And Hope to meet you at JuggleFest this weekend.


(i’m going to send you a PM)

I was going to lead you to for tips on dropping technique but you seem well on your way to having a good technique. Very impressive, especially after so little riding experience.

If you like classical music, put classical music in there. We could all afford to be exposed to more classical music.


nice vid uniac, where in Austin do you live Uniac? Vanman2004 and I have been riding for about as long as you and are about as good as you in terms of the trials stuff on your vid (we also ride torker LX 24’s). If you got AIM or an email, post it or PM it to me.

ur video is gay. do one with less sucking. i like my skills more than yours. Remember Devon kicks ass

I couldn’t agree more with Andrew, but I’m seriously biased. I think that your selection was a great piece, but it’s a little more challenging to find a classical piece that fits the energy of unicycling than it is to use a techno or rap or some rock tune which often have the raw beat and energy/or lyric right on the surface. Those are very effective too, although I have a tough time with the explicit choices that get made…my 5 and 7 year old daughters are riding unis now, and I can’t expose them to the profanity with a clear conscience (they’ll get it on the playground at school). For the best videos (that have explicit tunes in their soundtracks), I’ll just turn the sound off to let them watch, but if the video isn’t really special, I just don’t bother to download the ones that have the raw lyrics. I’m not a music snob, the videos that I’ve seen put up in the gallery are very creative and that goes for the music choices too. I just think that you should be encouraged to explore the possibilities. As a suggestion, I think that Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring has tons of possibilities for a trials video…the hopping and the energy of the polymetric rhythms in the faster sections of the piece would be very compatible. Sorry about the length of this post…I feel pretty strongly about the subject!:smiley:

Thanks for your suggestion, I will look into that. I do the same as you. For those of you that saw the one with no music I put Rachmaninovs 3rd concerto for the music but that is the best I have right now.

P.S. Please no cussing by the way. Thanks.

Hey devone, heres a suggestion for you. If you don’t like the video, just say he needs improvement don’t shut him down by saying “your gay, your video is gay, I like MY skills better”, no one nees to hear that shit. I think he is doing great for a few months of riding.

I enjoyed the video Uniac.

Yeah, Devon definitely wants a kick in the ass for that comment.

Great riding for 2 months. I wasn’t by far that good after 2 months. Oh, and I see your Unicycle breaking very soon :slight_smile:

CDs like Cartoon Classics are good for classical music clips that would work in a video. Comedian’ Gallop would be a good one for a video except it’s really short. Ride of the Valkyries is a good one.

Nice riding, nice editing, and for 2 months riding…I give it 3 popcorns! Keep up this good work, and lets see our next project.:smiley:

Another good classical piece for a uni video would be the “Sabre Dance” by Aram Khachaturian. You could also try some sections from his violin concerto; it’s a very energetic piece.

You’re doing really well for 1.5 months. Keep up the good work.:slight_smile:

I think so to. It already makes a bunch of creaking noises. I am trying to save up for a new uni but I am not moving very fast on that department.