First Video: After Two Months

Here’s the link:

Yesterday I got the camera out cuz I realized it’s been exactly two months since I started unicyling! So… I hope you like it. Tell me what you think, tips, pretty much anything that could help me get better. Also, I was thinking that I could send it to a uni company and maybe get sponsored. Not because I think I’m good, but because I live in Iowa and no one’s ever heard of a unicyle before, so just for promotion. How would I do this? Exactly what would I need to say? And, would it even be worth my time to try to get sposored? I also hope it wasn’t too long… yeah I realize the whole thing is just the same tricks repeted, but in differant orders. Although, I kinda like that. Would say… qu-ax, bedford, or even Kris Holm or Torker like that? I’m just thinking how awesome i’d be to wear a free bedford t-shirt on a free bedford unicycle! And I can’t really afford much more than my LX, unless Christmas or my birthday conviently come up… even then, “Richard, you already have a unicycle”

Ahh, the 360 uni-spin, I’ve deemed it impossible. Actually I think I just need to jump higher and spin it faster… tips on that too?

Go for the sponsorship video! I just came in from making mine today and for the exact same reason as you. I think that it would be worth your time even if you are just getting discounts, you will always end up wearing out equipment and needing new stuff. Go 4 It!

no offense, but I doubt someone who can do a kickup mount, ride one footed, 180 hoptwist, 180 unispin, and do a legaround mount would be able to get sponsored by Bedford. Youre very good for riding for 2 months, but not that good. everyone would be sponsored by bedford and KHU if that’s all it takes. Nice video though, I still have to make one:o

You have a lot of repetition and just riding around in your video. It tends to get boaring, so if you do send it into a shop, edit out everything other than the tricks and a small ammount of riding. Add some more high energy music and the local bike shop will be paying you to take free stuff from them :slight_smile: !

Yeah, don’t aim too high after two months, start low with a local bike shop or something.

That’s pretty badass for only two months! But yeah I wouldn’t go for bedford if I was you. But hell keep that rate up and get a better uni and shit there aint no stopping you. Awsome for a first vid though. If your gonna ride street/trials I’d cut the seatpost down if I were you and get a wider tyre. When I rode my lx I rode a kenda kinetics tyre. Gripy and bouncy will fit on your Lx. Good luck:D

Yeah I’ll go for the bike shop sponsorship! What do I say though? Just…“Will you pay for me to ride a unicycle with your name on it?” I guess you’re right about the major company thing. So they don’t do sponsorships purely for small town promotion? And I think I’ll get back on the computer and edit my video to a good 3 minutes. That should be a good time; everything in there, but not too much. I might add some stuff, too!

I suggest doing some rolling hops down stairs.

rolling hops?

just ask as politely as you can if they will help you out with equipment costs if you tell people that their shop has the best stuff and great deals. Remember that they want to see sponsorship as a form of advertising, not an extra expense.

Nice job for only 2mths. The video did get a little repetitive. next time try to only put i one or two clips of each trick you do, and eliminates some of the time of you riding before and after tricks. I like the Music though.

I doubt they will pay you to ride. but you’ll get a mighty fine discount:D I get 75% discount even on sale prices:)