First Vid posted here at unicyclist

Hey. This vid is just my mate, Ryan, and me (Callum) doing some uni in town. We’ve only been riding for about 9months for me and 7months for Ryan.
Here’s the link

I ride the KH20 with blue frame while Ryan’s is the colourful Nimbus frame.

Any tips would be great because we only started trying to do jumps and anything other than riding like WW’ing about 2 or 3 months ago.

Check the other videos too. Ryan busts some 180 unispins and I land 80cm jump.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

well since you got wwing down real well, learn one footed wheel walk and then onto gliding. gliding is really fun.

Yeah the vids of gliding look ill. I can one foot ww and Ryan just got 2 revs 1 ft ww. We try gliding but it’s challenge. We’ll get it soon enough.


Did you come to unicon? ;p

Cool vids, good to see more kiwis riding

Good stuff, Looks like a nice place to ride too!

Yeah it’s sick seeing other kiwis riding.Keep up the good work :smiley:

Cheers for positive feedback :slight_smile:

I (Callum) came down to Unicon but just to watch. Don’t think i’m anywhere close to being able to compete haha.

Ryan and I will be coming to Levin for the NZJA juggling convention next week to have a jam with other NZ riders.

@Obtus, It’s great and most of the places here have skaters banned - Don’t see too many “No unicycling” signs :stuck_out_tongue: