First Unicycle

I’m looking to buy my first unicycle and I was hoping that I might get some
advice here. I’ve searched as many of the posts as I could, but I could
really find any that recommend what type(brand) of unicycle to buy, most
seem to talk about whether a 20" or 24" is better, however I’m already
pretty sure I want to buy a 20" uni. There is a Torker 2002 20" selling on
eBay, but I’m not sure if this is a good one to buy. For price range, I’m
trying to keep it under 100 dollars. I’d really appreciate any help.

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We have a hometown unicycle club populated largely by kids ages 5-14 and, for the money, recommend the Torker 20" as a starter uni over other uni’s sold at

Be cautious of the shipping prices on Ebay though. You may find that it’s just as cheap to order a new unicycle from as it is to purchase one through Ebay.


I’m not sure if this is the company you saw on ebay, but I bought a 20" and a 24" Torker from them after seeing their ebay auction. The company is and their order number is 1-973-838-7009. Tell them you want their ebay price, which is $69.97 + $12.85 shipping for a total of $82.82.


Good to see you looking into a uni. Its always nice to see another person wanting to join the ranks. A few questions on what you want to do will help you out alot when purchasing a Uni. First can you ride yet? or will you be learing on this one? Next is how much do you weigh and how tall are you. Your gonna want to get something that can accomadate your needs. Im sure there are some other importain questions I should be asking too but I forget what they are :stuck_out_tongue: is my fav uni purchasing site out there. If you give them a call you’ll know why. These guys are out there to help you out and know their stuff. I would check out these 20’s

I havent ridden many tokers but they seem ok too.

Re: First Unicycle

No I can’t ride yet, and I don’t really know anyone in my area that has one
either to try it out. I’m 5’9" and 165lbs. I think I’m going to try the
Torker as it seems to be pretty cheap on eBay and I haven’t heard any bad
comments on getting it. My parents don’t really want me to get one, so I’m
trying not to overload on the price as much as possible. If I like the
sport I’ll probably buy more later on, but right now I’m just wanting to get
a feel for it. And thanks for all the feedback so far, it’s helping a lot.


If you’re 5’9" and 165lbs. your butt is going to be too big for the tiny Torker saddle. The Torker comes with a kids sized saddle that is much too small for an adult or teenager.

The Torker is a good unicycle. The only problem is the small saddle.

My suggestion is to get the unicycle from <> and when you order it ask them what they suggest for a replacement saddle that will fit an adult.


I’m 5’8" and 170# and the seats on the two Torkers I have are a decent enough size. When I bought it, it was advertised as having a new “2002” seat, so maybe it’s been improved upon.


I just looked at the ebay auction and their “NEW 2002 Seat!!” is the standard tiny Torker seat. See: <>

The Semcycle XL saddle or Viscount saddle will be more comfortable for an addult or teen. I tried sitting on a Torker saddle and it is not comfy for an adult. It’s like riding with a wedgie. And it’s too narrow in the front.


Re: First Unicycle

That’s almost the same as and I think I’d trust
them more than an unknown outfit. Watch what you get on
Ebay, you never know what you might get.


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> I’m not sure if this is the company you saw on ebay, but I bought a 20"
> and a 24" Torker from them after seeing their ebay auction. The company
> is and their order number is 1-973-838-7009. Tell
> them you want their ebay price, which is $69.97 + $12.85 shipping for a
> total of $82.82.
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Better yet, go to a local bike shop and try to speek with the guy in charge of ordering products. A bike shop can usualy get you a torker for 70$.

A Torker is defenetly a very good unicycle. They by far outlast any unicycle I’ve seen for under 100$. I myself am actualy looking into buying a torker now just to practice freestyle skills.

I must be a nut, but I really like the torker saddle. I think most uni seats are too wide. I think I would place the Miyata as the most painful, then the torker as slightly better, then the viscount!? as most comfortable. For years it has been no secret to cyclists that a hard seat is far more comfortable for distance than a soft one. I have never tried an air converted seat, it definately seems to be the exception to the rule. I know that after 10 minutes on the Miyata I am hurting, and after two hours I wish I were dead. Whereas I can ride my viscount forever.


You are a nut. But you’re in good company. Your preference for the shape and size of the Torker seat just suggests that you are physiologically slightly different from those who prefer otherwise. They seem to be the majority, however.

As for hard seats being known to be more comfortable for the long haul by cyclists, those would be BI-cyclists. They tend not to have much weight on the seat and even then for only short periods of time. Airseats on unicycles are much more comfortable.

I just noticed that their ebay price is now $59.97.