first unicycle

I’m think about buying my first unicyle. I have think about for a while. I
have tons of stuff off of the net. I was woundering if any one could give a
name of a good first bike. I was also interested in prices. I’m a freshman
at G.M.U. so I’m close to D.C. are there any stores there that sell
unoicycles. Are ther any clubs in D.C.? Thank You to all that write back!


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Get out there and ride that thang before Chicago freezes over! (Then ride it
some more because winter riding is fun too)

John Foss, learned to ride in November in Michigan

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I just lost my job and decided I wanted to do something fun while I am not
working, so I have been telling people that I plan to take up the unicycle. In
the midst of my research about equipment, my wife surprised me and bought me a
24" Schwinn.

Are these good quality? Appropriate for someone just learning? Any other advice,
tips, etc… would be greatly appreciated…


Brian Crawford Chicago

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