first unicycle trick page

What is easy trick To street
No unispin or crankflip

Rolling 180 hoptwist.

Ehh… every time i just dont get 180 I got 150 it take litle more to practise:D:D;) But thanks at help:)
(i just dont talk english good) any more good ideas??

To get the extra 30° twist your head and look WAY over the shoulder in the direction you are twisting.

If your goal is to learn lots of street tricks real fast, than you must move on to 180 unispin and crankflips. First step there would be no footers.

If you want to become a “good rider” than work on:

•still stands
•backwards ridding
•one footed riding (both feet)
•seat in front riding
•more still stands
•more backwards riding
•hopping up and down curbs and stairs
•ridding down stairs
•wheel walking(2 footed and 1 footed)

Nothin comes easy… just practice. Soon enough you will be looking back at all the progress. If you skip the simple skills now, you will regret it later on when you need them to land bigger tricks.

Good luck on the progression. Water and stretch.

stair and hopping

I practice a lot coming down stairs, but I can´t jump high enough to go upwards. How do I get more hight to my jump, is it more important to press down before the jump or to pull the bike higher as I bounce? It´s hard to concentrate on both.

If you want to get more height you need to compress the tyre and tuck (to get up a stair you may not need to tuck). To compress the tyre, push down with the power in your feet on the pedals as if you are expanding your self from being hunched to not hunched, hard to explain. Just experiment with compressing the tyre. Then there is the tuck which involves bending your legs so you can tuck the unicycle up with you.

Hope this helps.

Not really a trick but riding then doing a hop and touching the tyre is easy.

My friend Learned 180 unispin after 5 days of riding… but he could have done it if the pedal didn’t break… :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s cooler/better trick

360 tire grab…

I don’t know what level you’re at. My first tricks were

  • mounting
  • stomach on seat riding
  • Seat in front riding
  • idling
  • backwards
  • 1 foot riding
  • hopping up stairs [/LIST]
  • How about a 180 jump mount I think thats what its called. :slight_smile:

    They are fun to learn and helped me to learn 180 unispin.

    My first Tricks

    My first tricks were getting the unicycle into my car without getting hurt, sitting on my unicycle, setting the unicycle upright then sitting on it and falling off, then riding… Now I can do 180 uni-spins (sometimes) and I can go up and down stairs, Up is harder (wear a helmet) but I found if I bounce with my ankles it helps.

    Thanks for everyone!:slight_smile:

    Now i can 180 jump mounts and much more:D:D:D

    Im learning now trial tuck up:D:D:D

    Sorry my bad English:(

    Tricks??? People shout at me “Hey, do some tricks” when I’m out and about. I just respond “Gimme a break. Just getting up here is the fu*#$^@#*$^ing trick. What more do you want?”

    any tips on the 180 unispin and the zero plant? it may sound sad but i am having a lot of trouble with these tricks. :o :thinking: :o :thinking:

    im only 11 though…:p:o