First Unicycle Suggestions

I figure that if I get into it and get good I’ll end up breaking it, but at think point I’ll feel good about making an investment in a better uni, and if it falls through then I won’t have wasted too much money. hopefully my parents will let me get it, seems like a good idea for dimig927 also.

As stated in the numerous new/first Uni threads I have seen, the Torker LX is good but not great.
It seems the seat is uncomfortable compared to others out there and is not upgradeable without a new seat post too (not a biggie, seatposts are $10-$20)

The 48 spoke hub and rim are uncommon so are also not upgradeable or replaceable if you bend something

I also read somewhere that the pedals can strip from the cranks.

Even after hearing all this its hard to resist getting one for myself as a temporary upgrade but Im holding out for a Nimbus Muni which I have heard is stronger, comes with an Isis hub, gel seat and most parts are compatible with the majority of upgrades out there. Please correct me if anything I stated above is wrong, this info only comes from hours of reading threads on this site, Thanks.

Oh, and buy it from here
Here is the Nimbus I was talking about
(except Im getting the Muni version)

At 6’1 I think a 24 would be perfect for you to learn on. The LX is a good learner but I would also check out the club freestyle It is a fairly new unicycle so there are not as many reviews out for it but it is made of a collection of quality parts that have proven themselves over the years (except the rim which is sort of an unknown)

The big advantages of the club freestyle over the LX is since it has a 36 spoke wheel it is easier to find replacement parts if needed and it has a standard seat and post. I would also prefer the frame over the LX but that is just a preference thing.

Good luck learning and welcome to the forums!

You might want to look at the QUAX unicycle they have them at The Unicycle Shop

the club freestyle looks good. would you recommend spending the extra 15-30 bucks on a better seat?

i’ve heard these things before, and some of it is crap.
-udc still sells several 48 spoke hubs, even an isis one
-there are hundreds of 48 spoke rims on the market (bmx rims)
-yes the aluminum the cranks are made from is very brittle, and can strip in some cases. (square taper cranks run $10 and up, just get a new pair.

obviously there are more expensive, better unis, however these are still hard to beat for the money. just get your facts straight