First Unicycle Suggestions

My 15 year old son would like a unicycle for Christmas. He is about 5’9" and 160 pounds. Can anyone recommend a good model and size…PLEASE!!

A lot will depend on which type of riding your son is interested in. Make contact with and see if they can be of some help in your choice. They are located in the USA. UDC stores are located in other parts of the world as well.The above link can get you hooked up with a dealership in your country.

What Harley said, and a price range would also be a good thing to add.

Torker LX 20"

The best unicycle for any starter above 4 feet tall.

although if he wants to do muni, and it may be a while before he will be able to get another uni, i would suggest a 24", maybe a 26". you definitely should go with the lx.

As others have said, the Torker LX series is good. A 20" wheel is good for learning to ride and tricks. The 24" or larger is better for covering more ground, but harder for learning new skills. Both are fine for riding and are great starter unicycles. Avoid the CX series–they are less durable and only save you a few dollars. These are commodity items and you can find specials on the web for around $100. :slight_smile:

I would argue that the Nimbus II series is a nice step up at a bit over twice the price. It is more rugged and has nicer components. It is not necessary or even helpful for learning to ride. You can find nimbus unicycles (and many others) here:

If he wants to do muni or trials he will need a more rugged unicycle. It still might be best to go with a Torker LX to learn the basics and then step up to a more specialized unicycle when he know what he want to do with it.

If you are a parent buying for your son that usually means that you have more money to fork over than just some kid scraping cash together. I would say just go for a Kris Holm trials unicycle, longneck of course. If not you could just go with the Torker LX 20 inch. But you will probably just end up buying the Kris Holm after that anyways. I’d say go with the KH unless your son is going to flake out on his unicycling. Good luck!

definitly a kh 20 trials,i just started out myself into the sport and i love my kh—definitly worth every penny,and a solid ride as well

good luck

i got a toker LX 24 for christmas last year
it was a good unicycle to learn on
and plus it wont break the bank…i think it is better to start on something less expensive than a KH…just in case your son doesn’t like it…or kinda loses interest

im not sure if anyone specifyed this but first off can he already unicycle

and second im sure he doesnt know what trials and flatland means but just describe what kind of stuff he does on his unicycle(if he can im still not sure) and everyone should be able to help you out.

Thanks for the response. Obviously I am new to all this and did not ask the right questions. I appreciate your input

Hawo dimig927, welcome to the forums. :smiley:

I suggest that this unicycle be used as your 1st as it is both tough as tough can be fun riding it too also.

The Torker LX is a good uni to learn on, I have one that I loan out to anyone wanting to learn uni. (I’ve tried to get my wife and kids to learn on it but no luck, argh!)

People can find the Torker seat to be especially uncomfortable though. Because it uses a non standard bolt pattern it means swapping the seatpost and seat to improve the comfort level on the Torker, in which case you might as well have bought the Nimbus with the added future benefits of the ISIS hub. Another thing to consider!

Comes down to $ I guess!

A Nimbus from would definately be a good starter unicycle for your son, at $275 +shipping.

if you get him the lx be prepared for him to ask for a different unicycle within the first 2 years if he is doing any jumping because the square taper cranks cant stand up to a lot of impact and i would also get a gell saddle or con vert it to an air saddle by drilling a small hole in the base of the seat for a valve stem, next take of the bumpers and lift handle and remove the seat cover.then slightly inflate a 16 inch innertube and fold it to the shape of the saddle and use electrical tape to make it stay that way. them put the seat cover back on and the same with the lift hamdles and bumpers an then his nuts wont get as sore when he rides to school and stuff.or you could get him a nimbus II 20 inch with the isis cranks ang gel saddle.happy shopping

the torker lx is good but I hate the seat

the nimbus trials is good if you don’t mind the cost…

hi, I’m also new here, and was looking at getting my first uni as well. i’m 6’ 1" and 160lbs and was looking at this it seems like a pretty good deal and the same store sells 20" ones for slightly cheaper.

That seems like a pretty good deal. It’s hard to read through all their hype, and buzzwords, but it seems like it’s a stock Torker LX, as has been mentioned in this thread before. It’s a great uni to learn on, but I wouldn’t quite name it a mountain unicycle (I recently put a 24x2.30 tire on mine, and it handles dirt trails just fine).

Its a real good starter uni, but if your gonna start jumping and stuff your gonna want a tougher unicycle.