first unicycle question

Hey all, a new member here.

I have become enamoured with the thought of unicycle riding but know nothing about them except for what I’ve read the past couple of days.

Being constantly strapped for cash, too many hobbies, I’m looking for a cheap unicycle to ride on the road.

I’ve read the ebay ones are no good but can’t figure out why

How about this one

or what looks to be about the same thing from Walmart

Would this type unicycle be good for a beginner and be durable?

Thanks, Jim

Welcome! :smiley:

The eBay ones get a bad reputation because they’re usually built on a budget. I learnt to ride on this one:

By the time I learned to ride it properly, I’d replaced the tyre (It’d worn to the canvas), the pedals (Stripped), Cranks (Cotterless bit on the end simply broke), and the saddle (Nose-end snapped off after hitting the floor). I still have it, it was my first uni, but even the bits on the end of the fork you bolt the wheel on with are starting to bend. You will spend less by buying a slightly more expensive, better-built uni, trust me!

Welcome to the community.

These uni’s are not durable, but would probably do alright for light use, and basic learning.

For $50 I see Torker LX’s on craigslist occasionally. It would be a better use of the money in my opinion.

Where are you located? You may be able to borrow a loaner or hook up with a local club.

In my experience, Avenir makes a decent unicycle that’s cheap, though not as cheap as the ones you’re looking at. Even on an Avenir, though, the seat is uncomfortable- nearly always a problem when you try to save money on an initial unicycle purchase. It’s definitely good advice to find a local unicycle club. If you have to buy a low-cost uni, other unicyclists will be able to help you find a replacement seat and other parts that you may need. They also might have different unis you can try to ride. I don’t know how tall you are, but if possible, make sure the one you buy has a long enough seat post. Some 20-inchers are intended for kids.

Basically anything will work for learning on. If you can’t afford much just get a cheapie for now and upgrade later when you feel you want/need something better. If the learner is still in good shape at that point pass it on to someone else and grow the community. :slight_smile:

The two unicycles you provide links to are perfectly adequate for learning. The seat post may be too short (it would be for me, anyway) but you can get a 400mm long one with that diameter (22mm) from for about $15. A 20" wheel is pretty small for riding any distance. A 24" wheel is preferred for riding any appreciable distance. Both sizes are OK for learning.