first unicycle for singletrack/tricks, in MI or ship

After reading around on here it looks like anything less then a $300 unicycle new is not good for off road use so I’d like to get a used one. I have never road one but I do mountain bike pretty seriously. The local trail is pretty easy though. I’d like to stay under $200 and of course as low as possible so I can get some good pads too. But, I’ll pay for quality and I don’t care about age although I do want splined cranks. I should never have seen a Kris Holm video :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t know there was mountain unicycles. If anything I’ll have better balance. I know I could buy a cheap one to start out with on the road but would rather just pony up for a good one instead of upgrading later.

I’ll spend more, what it’s worth

I decided I might as well spend more but would still rather get used and save some. A 24" or 29" Kris Holm would be great, will pay extra for Magura brake too.