First Unicycle advice

I have yet to buy a unicycle. Not sure where to start or what to look for. I have little interest in tricks and the sort, I just want to learn to ride one for recreational cruising and such.

Since I’m completely clueless to all things unicycle, where should I start?

Either go to or to a local bikeshop in town and check out the Torker LX. They are pretty cheap, and durable enough to last through the learning process and will hold up well if you ever start learning some tricks.

The average size to learn on is a 20", but seeing how you mainly want one to cruise on, starting with a 24" may be better for you. And is having a sale on their Club 24" unis, so it would be a good deal.

Torker LX, Club, 20" or 24", either way, youll be setup with a good uni to learn and cruise around on.

Hmm cool thanks for the advice! :wink: know their stuff - they’re on these forums too!

I learnt on a super cheap 24", but after a few months it’s pretty creaky. I do attempt jumps and such on mine though, so that might explain the abnormal “wear and tear”. A 24 is good for general crusing about - bigger wheel means more speed (in theory).

I see, I see. What is the consensus on buying used?

You may be interested in dropping in on the Redford Township Unicycle Club:

Not sure how tall you are but if your looking for a 20" craigslist in Detroit has a Semcycle that looks pretty decent and from what I know they are pretty good unicycles but someone else can tell you best here…I just started riding in summer. Welcome.
Here is the link…

A good used unicycle is better than a cheap new unicycle, but you’ll need the advice of a unicyclist to tell the difference.

Hmm good eye, my friend! That could workout…

:astonished: I just may

Hi CottonAnatomy! In case you haven’t found it yet on the RTUC site, you may be interested in THIS.