first uni

i really want to start riding and when i get good enough i want to no which uni to get, i wanna ride trials and street and i want one thats gonna last a long time and is strong but also light


well, the nimbus trials is your best option -never broken… its being ridden more and more, it is fairly new

the KH is next (DEFINITELY get it if you have the money) as far as anyone can tell, these are the best unicycles(some argue between KH and KOXX)
then Koxx … same deal… actually don’t get one… they are more expensive and heavier and the same strength
then a DX - it is older, a little more expensive, but definitely worth the money, not over a nimbus though. i beat the crap out of mine, its still a unicycle that can be ridden hard.

You say light and strong. Get the KH07 19" hands down. The only comparible product the KOXX makes is the XTP at around $800.
A cheaper alternative is to get the nimbus trials at UDC upgraded with moment cranks.

Happy unicycling.

I would also recommend the nimbus trials. I have one, and it’s served me very well so far.

Nimbus trials with switched out cranks FTW.

I would recommend the DX or nimbus with ISIS hub. :smiley:

Also welcome to the forums houskamatt. If you need any assistance with unicycling. Don’t hesitate to ask me or any of the friendly and helpful people on this forum…including me. :smiley:

u guys

totally rock

:smiley: So do you have a fair idea of what you may want??? :smiley:


i have a cheap uni rite now, so ill probably get the kh 07 so it’ll last me a long time and i wont waste money on a transition uni and just end up having it lay around my house


i went from a 24" Torker LX straight to a (I believe its an 06…got it used, cant remember) Kris Holm 20"

very happy:D

The KH07 is an excellent choice. Good job.

My Nimbus Trials ISIS is coming in this Wednesday!! OK, got that out of my system.

So from what I understand if you get a Nimbus ISIS with KH Moment cranks it’ll be pretty much the same quality as a KH for a little more than half the price. If someone is going to freak out at me for stating something inaccurate… well I guess thats your choice.

Two big things a different between the nimbus and the KH.

The KH has a wider rim at 47mm compared to 42mm (Which does make a difference), and the KH frame is really light and takes 27.2mm seatposts (basicly stronger).

the KH rim is also drilled, which you may or may not like later on
the KH frame is aluminum as well. lighter, and VERY SLIGHTLY weaker.

About the seat post. I asked for a steel seat post so I don’t think that’ll matter much.

Good choice and move. :smiley: