First uni

Myrna begged me for a uni ,6th birthday gift from Dad.
She wants to win,haha.Pretty cool.


That is sooooooooooo cool, wish I’d started at that age!!!

Me too…that’s awsome. We’ve got a young guy on a 16" coming along on our weekly rides now.


Extremely sweeeeeeeet, Tim!


Re. First Uni.

Ohhhhhh, isn’t she cute on the uni. I wish I started at that age too myself. My folks wouldn’t let me at all because it’s circus stuff.
Damn my folks. Glad my folks isn’t reading this.

David. :smiley:

I know when I grow up, Im going to teach my kids as soon as they’re born :wink: ;)!!!

Happy Birthday Myrna.

It is very cool to watch your kids learn to ride, especially at age 6!

Be careful though, you’ve opened pandora’s box. Next she’ll want a knobby so she can Muni with you. Check out this Kenda 16x2.125:)

That’s an awsome uni! Have you had a go of it? Riding 16" unis with tiny seatposts is so much fun.