first uni.

when i first got my uni it took over a year before i could ride well enough to
even consider practising idling… how come i read that people seem to be able
to ride within hours of getting one… how dumb am i ??

You’re not dumb at all! The fact that you can ride a uni at all puts you in a very elite category compared to most of the population. Everyone is different when it comes to learning rates. A lot depends on previous experience with similar sports, for example skaters tend to pick up uni skills pretty quickly. Other factors are age and risk tolerance. Younger and more daring riders will pick up new skills more quickly than older and more cautious riders. There are many other factors too that will determine how long it will take someone to learn. The most important thing is that you are having fun no matter what skill level you are at or how long it took you to get there. Never give up.


Re: first uni.

hey cherie, thanks for the kind words. i’ve come some way since i first started
and can now juggle 3 clubs while idling one-foot. perseverance pays.

People take different times to learn different things. Everybody has different strengths and weaknesses. Don’t sweat it if you can’t do a certain skill. How long did it take for the last person to pass level 10? 2 years I think. That’s totally not going to happen in my case.
Just keep trying to learn, the beautiful thing about frustration is that soon you will learn something. just enjoy the ride.