First uni???

Searched around and cant really find an answer.
Was looking at the cheap ebay uni’s and remembered when I got into pitbikes(dirtbikes)the first one I bought new fell apart in 3 rides.Coulda had a used Honda for what I paid.

Really looking in the $75 area or less.
Is my best bet craigslist used?
Mainly useing it as xtraining for BMX and dirtbikes.But its more for balance as my center of gravity is way off the older I get.
I guess I need a street one?Munis look like they’d hold up,but I dont need anything super heavy duty.
I’m 6’1 220 and wont be doing “tricks”,just cruising around my driveway and possibly take it to the park once in awhile.Want a 24 or 26,but read that might not be the best for a first uni.

Most I’ll spend is $100,just want something to learn on,but sturdy.No walmart stuff.


At your height a 24" would be perfect to learn on and would be a good size for tooling around the neighbourhood/park on.

Unicycles don’t tend to break when you’re just riding them on smooth paths/trails so a 24" Trainer from UDC would last you pretty much forever I’d guess.

A 26" would be more expensive since 20 and 24 are the two ‘common’ sizes and thus more available. Call up the UnicycleDotCom guys and see what they say…

Id say get a 24 or 26 either will do fine

See the Berkeley Unicyclist page on starter unicycles for advice:

And if you’re in Scottsdale, you might want to talk to the Arizona Unicycle Club. Someone can probably loan you something to learn on:

Ok thanks guys,and sorry for asking the typical “which one” question.
Probably leaning towards a 24" Torker as I see those on craigslist all the time in my price range.Around $50.
If not theres always ebay or online Torkers for under $100 new.

Make sure it’s really a Torker; a lot of times people selling on Craigslist/ebay don’t know what they’re selling.

Also, the Torker LX is a lot better than the Torker CX.

Theres a couple 26" LX’s on Ebay for $115 and $135/was $135 shipped,hows that price wise?


What about a 29" Trainer?
Too big?

I’d try the 24" first, maybe 26", but spare the 29" for later. Soon you’ll have several sizes.



Ha I’m sure I will!When I started buying BMX cruisers during my mid-life crises a few years ago I ended up w/ 7 whithin a year!

Thanks for all your help everybody!I definetly got some good info to chew on.

Kinda nice to see your all in your 40’s!

get one that will hold up but one you won’t cry if its thrown 10ft or fallen on while learning. I have a torker lx 24, 6’1" 210. people complain about the seat but my bumpers are getting trashed, another month or so I’ll just put on a better one…or later consider handing this uni off to someone else for more beating.

Cool,so we’re the same size.I may go w/ the 24".My 24" Quadangle gets rode the most w/ my bicycles.

Whats easier to ride,a bigger or smaller wheel?
I remember as a kid it was super easy to ride a wheelie on a 10sp.I always thought it was the bigger wheels.
Althought now I have all size of BMX bikes 16"-29" I still cant ride a wheelie.
The 29" feels the best,16" is cool but loops too easy w/ layback post and 10" tall bars.

I suspect you want to get the smallest wheel you can on a unicycle that will fit you for learning. My uni inseam is something like 35" and I’m close to running out the top of the lx24. You may want to consider the LX26 if you have longer legs. I’m starting to learn freemounting now and it definitely would be easier to learn with a smaller wheel, although I’m sure it’s not that much more difficult.


The nursing home is kind enough to let them use the internet once in a while :wink:
If you want to see what the younger generation is doing, a lot of them post on Facebook in the Unicycle Chat group.

I go to FaceBook to check up on the young 'uns from time to time - they seem to be ill a lot and always tell eachother how sick they all are.

They also use some sort of mathematical code involving multiples of 180 and fractions like fifths, although most of them don’t look like the studious type.

I always use some hand-wash after posting in there, just to be sure… :wink:

They take a lot of jargon from skateboarding. There is a system for the the trick names, but it doesn’t always make sense and it’s not always consistent. For some of them you just have to watch and listen for a while to figure out what the hell they’re talking about. At least they’ve stopped naming new tricks after the person who invented them.

Funny Jr.